Make Tuesday – Test It Tuesday and test your Smoke Alarm Today

Make Tuesday – Test It Tuesday and test your Smoke Alarm Today

Testing smoke alarmIf you follow your local Fire & Rescue Service on Facebook or Twitter (and we recommend that you do), you will know that every Tuesday they encourage that we all take the time to test not just our own smoke alarms, but the smoke alarms of family and friends as well.

We could all do with a gentle reminder from time to time as working smoke alarms save lives. There are many tragic examples where lives were lost as a smoke alarm was installed but not working, and this has to stop.

Fire can strike at any time and a working smoke alarm alerts you to the danger so that you have the best chance of getting out safely. Regular testing your alarm or those of family and friends will give you the peace of mind that should fire start, you will be given the warning you need to escape.

It is with this principle in mind that the Test It Tuesday message, or more specifically the social media hashtag #TestItTuesday, was born. Anyone involved in the fire industry, fire safety or security utilise this hashtag to spread the word and remind all their followers to test their smoke alarms.

It is a simple idea with a very important message, and one that has been fully adopted and shared. In fact, every Tuesday over 200 tweets with the #TestItTuesday hashtag are send from accounts around the UK and in the past month #TestItTuesday has featured in over 1,700 tweets.

It also just so happens that today is Tuesday, so if you haven’t tested your smoke alarm yet then now is the time to do so. If you haven’t tested your alarm because it is out of reach or in a precarious position, there is a solution in the form of the GOODPOINT Smoke Alarm Tester. A simple device that removes the risk of injury and makes testing smoke alarms in hard to reach places easier. So don’t delay; test your smoke alarm today! Working smoke alarms save lives.

If you would also like to follow your local Fire and Rescue Service, we have put together a list of UK Fire & Rescue Services that are active on Twitter and you can get following here:


Testing your smoke alarm or the smoke alarms of elderly family and friends has never been more important and there is no better time than now to start testing! Safely test your smoke alarms with a GOODPOINT Smoke Alarm Tester today.

You can find out more about Fire Prevention Week here, where you can also see all the themes since 1927.

We will be promoting Fire Prevention Week and so can you. The NFPA have created logos that you can use in your promotions to help spread the word and you can download them here.